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12th Annual Children's Fishing Clinic

 The Colonial Coastal Conservation Association and the Newport News Rotary Club hosted the 12th Annual Children’s Fishing Clinic at the James River Fishing Pier on Saturday, July 14, 2007. The Newport News Apprentices helped children ages 8-12 bait, fish, untangle lines.

Apprentice Alumni Association Volunteers:

Byrd, Floyd (X05) and son Chris, Christensen, Keith (E82), Christensen, Sherri (X72), Gentry, Thomas (E51), Gray, Valarie L. (E82), Husted, Rick. C. (X76) and daughter Becca, Lewis, Rob (E62), Porter, Lynné (O82), Sabol, Joe (X10), Vreeland, Sam (O81)

Apprentice School Student Association Volunteers:

Akiode, Ayodele (X31), Armas, Loren D. (X11), Donovan, Jamile A.( X06/X54), Halbauer, Jeffrey L.( E06/E82), Hartman, Chris (E06/K76), Husted, Betty J. (X32), Jones Jr., Ricky (X36), Jordan, Kimberly M.(X33), Keatts, Christopher K.( M53), Matthews, Christopher L. (E-06), McCree, Louvenia D. (E06/E64), Vance, Jason P. (X06), Watt, Kevin L. (X31)

 Everyone attending and volunteering had a great time! Note some of the fish may appear larger than actual size caught. But as any good fisherman or fisherwoman they look as big as we remember them.


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