ASSA Scrapbook
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Miscellaneous. 2006
ASSA Executive Committee members, joined by several delegates, visited the campus of William & Mary College, on Saturday, March 18, for a day of mental and physical challenges designed to build personal confidence, cooperation, and teamwork!

Left to right front row:

Jeffrey Halbauer-E06, Kareem Solomon-E06, Jason Kinney-X32, Ron Hendrickson-X06, Betty Husted-E06, Chris Guthrie-E06, Chris Matthews-E06, Cameron Vaught-E06 (Back), Kimberly Jordan-X33, David Nixon-X11, Robert McNeely X42, Daniel Ammann-X32, Valentino Crawford-E06, Brian Bowman-M53, Bobby Farmer-X18, DaNeil Guion-X33, David Culpepper-E06, Jeremy Morrison-X18

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