Financial Planning Seminar 2008

On Wednesday April 30, the Apprentice Jaycees held a Financial Investment Clinic at the Main Street Public Library in Newport News. Individual Development VP, Chris Keatts was the project leader for this event. The clinic was open to all apprentices and faculty/staff. About 20 people showed up to the clinic including Dr. James Hughes, Apprentice School Training Manager, and Jacob Verbeck. Shawn Neighbor, VP of Wealth Management for Smith Barney, a division of Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. provided some valuable insight into different investment options. The goal of the clinic was to educate the audience of the many investment opportunities and to advise making smart decisions to ensure financial stability after retirement. The clinic began at 5PM with a social period as the Apprentice Jaycees provided pizza, cookies, chips, and drinks to the attendees. Chairman of the Board, Kareem Solomon stated "this was a great clinic organized by the chapter. Mr. Neighbor was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and it seemed like everyone walked away with a better understanding of investment opportunities." The Apprentice Jaycees are planning other seminars similar to this in the future. Tamara S. Jones Department X43 Apprentice School Jaycee Membership VP

Adopt A Spot 2008

Camp/Work Party for Camp Virginia Jaycees

From March 28-30, 2008 members of the Apprentice School Jaycees Jacob Verbeck (Faculty Advisor), Jamile Donovan (President), Kareem Solomon (Chairman of the Board), and Tamara Jones (member) attended The Camp/Work Party for Camp Virginia Jaycees. Camp Virginia Jaycees is a place where children with disabilities can spend time in the summer. Local Jaycees help sponsor these campers every year through various fundraising events. The Apprentice chapter along with other Virginia chapters assisted with clearing the trail, building a new roof for the goat house, installed a new wire fence for the pig pen, cleaning the caboose, painting the interior of the outhouse and the exterior of the cabins, etc. We networked with a lot of other Virginia Jaycees in this project and look forward to attending next year.



St. Pauls Fix-Up 1st Saturday - January 2008

This was the first Saturday spent at St. Pauls Episcopal Church in Newport News. Members of the Apprentice Jaycees led by Ches & Kenny Weeks surveyed the work ahead and started working some of the project. Some worked on stripping and waxing the floor while others worked on replacing drywall in the ceiling and a rotted subfloor in one of the storerooms. The Apprentice Jaycees took on this project to continue with their commitment in community service. They also run a soup kitchen at the church on the 3rd Sunday of every month. For more information contact the Community Development Vice President.


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