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Apprentice School SME Chapter S354
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
4101 Washington Avenue
Newport News, Virginia 23607
Last update 06/04/2015
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Society of Manufacturing Engineers SME Chapter in Virginia (The Apprentice School S354)

Come join us as we tour, learn, and experience manufacturing. We are not just for engineers; we are a society for anyone in the industry who wants in depth knowledge about manufacturing. We take tours, have guest speakers, and network not only throughout the ship yard, but also with other industries in the Tidewater area

The NNS Apprentice School student chapter of SME was formed in December 2003.  The chapter has not only grown in size, but has also grown together.  The chapter provides both internal and external networking opportunities to the Apprentices.  The external networking is the tour guides, guest speakers, and members of the parent chapter, to name a few of the ways we can network outside of the chapter.  The internal networking involves the Apprentices that would not normally be involved with each other.  SME has provided a way were different trades, and upper and lower classmen can get together and share ideas. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 at 5:30 p.m. Society of Manufacturing Engineers Hampton Roads Chapter 217 Meeting & Dinne Presentation: By Canon in Virginia.   Where: 100 Columbus Way Newport News, VA 23606.  Cost:  Student $10 Reservations: Please have your reservation in by Monday, 15 June 2015 to: John Edwards (757) 876-8386  Cleck here for details


Apprentice SME 8th Annual Apprentice Cardboard Regatta be held at Newport News Park on August 15th , 2015.

The inclement weather date is Saturday, August 29rd 2015. Question Contact Daniel Chance at (757) 709-0855 or

Parent Chapter: SME Hampton Roads Chapter 217

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