Apprentice SNAME Boat Design Competition

Apprentice School Chapter Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Last update 10/23/2014


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SNAME High School Orientation for 2015 17MB

SNAME High School Video Tutorials

Basic Design Principles 24 MB Speed 13 MB Center of Floatation 11MB
Stability 22 MB Displacement 28MB Trim 8 MB
Longitudinal Center of Buoyancy 9 MB Vertical Center of Buoyancy 16 MB Maneuverability 33 MB
Weight Calculations 9MB Call of the Sea 50MB  
The process York HS instructor John Hammons has used for Calculating the CG’s 3 MB

SNAME Elementary School Project

EASE Elementary Applications Shipbuilding Engineering (35MB) Planting the Seed STEM " (10MB small) Elementary Applications of Shipbuilding Engineering (36MB )
Ease Boatbuilder Completion Finals February 25, 2010 (10MB)    


2014 SNAME “Boat Design Competition"  293 MB "
  2012 SNAME Boat Design Competition 43 MB
2011 SNAME Race 48MB “Boat Design Competition" 48 MB " 2010 SNAME Boat Design Competition 10MB
2009 SNAMEBoat Design Competition  Race 40MB

Watch the Boat Prototype Set Sail! 2007-2008 158 MB